Alternative Investments the Authoritative Hedge Fund Information Resource, is home to the flagship Private Placement Hedge Fund MAST Partners, LP. More information is available to confirmed accredited investors on request.

Other areas of this website include information for Investors, Managers, Institutions, Corporations, Professionals and OffShore Investors and Managers. Exhaustive information on What is a Hedge Fund? Requirements and Qualifications to Manage a Hedge Fund, How to Start a Hedge Fund, some FAQs, and the particulars on investing in a Hedge Fund. Also, detailed information for our partners, on How to become a Partner and Invest in a HF, including accreditation and other requirements.

Alternative Investments, Hedge Funds, Private Placements, all have surprising similarities as well as expected differences from Mutual Funds, ETFs, and other conventional and new public investments. Aggregated here is some of the most comprehensive and intelligible Hedge Fund information, including Comparisons, FAQs and even How to Start and Manage a Hedge Fund!

Some of the areas/pages on this site may not be available to everyone and access to those areas may require a Login ID and Password.   However, general informational areas are FREELY accessible, including our information on Managing a Hedge Fund.